Tuuli Paaksi

The alarm went off when everything in my life had subsided for a couple of years. Initially, it seemed like bad luck, some sort of irregularity...It lasted too long. So, I started to become interested in the subconscious mind, manifestations, and healing modalities. I tried so many different things that are out there and I learned so much...

And yet, when one part of my life started to become better, others dived into darkness. Constant stress, depression, burnout, suicidal thoughts...I wasn't ready to leave. And this is why I demanded something else in my life. Something that would change everything that wasn’t working for me.

So, was it a coincidence that I stumbled upon the Access Consciousness website a couple of weeks later? I don't think so.

In December 2013, I had my first Access Bars session when I attended the Access Bars class. Why spend the extra time doing a separate session?

Well, I knew that learning this treatment would change everything in my life.

And I was right. Nothing was the same as before. Everything changed. Most importantly, I changed.

After witnessing the magic and miracles that the people there had experienced in their lives, I made the choice to become one of the many facilitators empowering people to have more ease, more joy, and more glory in their lives.

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!®

Access mantra

Would you like to live a life that works for you?

I've been an entrepreneur for most of my life. I constantly started new projects and new businesses only to destroy them soon after creating them. I had so many new interesting ideas waiting to be brought to life. People constantly told me that it wasn’t normal to have more than one project or business at a time and that I had to destroy all the others.

I used to value being normal...or at least looking normal, in order to fit in.

Upon learning more about myself, I realized that a leopard never changes its spots, and neither could I stop creating. I don't judge myself for that anymore.


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I've always been into handicraft. Whether it is sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet, or weaving...

My most recent handicraft projects have been all about crystals -- crystal jewelry and crystal home decor.