Kuidas oma elu toimivamaks muuta

Kas sa tead, mis toimib sinu elus? Kas sa tead, mis ei toimi sinu elus? Selle teada saamine on lihtsam kui sa arvad. Kui sul on idee, mille puhul sa nuputad, kas seda tasub teha või mitte, võid küsida alljärgnevat kahte küsimust. Milline on minu tulevik?Küsi kõigepealt endalt: milline on minu

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What superpowers can you have?

Have you ever watched a movie about a person who discovers that they have some weird superpower—like Superman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Batman, or Catwoman, to mention a few?Have you wondered will superpowers ever be possible?Have you wondered what superpowers can you have?Have you wondered where are you different?In a

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What is gratitude and how to practice it?

What is gratitude and how to practice it?You may have heard people speaking about gratitude, practicing it, and writing some weird lists. So what is gratitude and how to practice it?The word gratitude comes from the Latin root gratus, meaning thankful and pleasing. The Webster's Dictionary defines gratitude as, "an emotion

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