November 4

What superpowers can you have?

Have you ever watched a movie about a person who discovers that they have some weird superpower—like Superman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Batman, or Catwoman, to mention a few?

Have you wondered will superpowers ever be possible?

Have you wondered what superpowers can you have?

Have you wondered where are you different?

In a telecall called What Is Your Superpower?, Susanna Mittermaier, founder of Pragmatic Psychology, shares tools on how to find out what your superpower is.

I attended my first Access class in December 2013, and I'm still going (fortunately not so often anymore) into this automated mode of “being normal” and “acting normal.” The whole purpose behind being and acting normal is so I wouldn't be seen as crazy and different as I truly am.

It may be hard to believe, but being normal is more highly valued than being different and having superpowers.

So, how important is it to you to be normal?

What is a superpower?

You may ask: "What is a superpower?" It is anything that makes you different. It is not your hair color, the clothes you wear, your personality traits, or your talents. A superpower is a difference that others probably don't even see or notice. And quite often it can be something you are not aware of. 

It can be the way you create money. It can be the way you heal with your body. It can be the way you create new projects. It is something where you can use words 'magical' and 'ease'.

What I really liked about this telecall was how the facilitations of participants were bound to each other and how one question gave more awareness and opened space for new questions. And these questions revealed all the different ways in which we actually avoid being different and having our superpowers. What’s more is we refuse these superpowers.

Refusing superpowers

One way we deny our superpowers is simply by having thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

"Thinking and feeling and emotions are based on polarity—plus and minus. And anything that is based on plus and minus, like polarity, is something where we kill superpowers and magic because it's all about right and wrong and good and bad. So, what thoughts, feelings, and emotions are you using to avoid the superpowers we could be choosing?"

Would you like to know what your superpowers are and how you are denying them? 

Start asking questions!

And having Susanna's telecall What Is Your Superpower?, can give you more tools.

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